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Hillary Unqualified to Be President

By Craig Shirley   |   Wednesday, 02 Sep 2015 09:58 AM

The American presidency is not for haters. It is for lovers of liberty, freedom, the Constitution, and the rule of law. The American presidency is not for people like Hillary Clinton.

She is unqualified to be president because she is a hater. She is unqualified because she lacks the temperament to be president of the United States.

Harry Truman once said the job of a president is to say yes and no — but mostly no. Hillary Clinton has never understood this basic concept, saying yes to the wrong people and no to the right people.

She has yes to Wall Street, getting in bed with corrupt bankers and brokers. But she’s said no to those brave souls who wonder why Planned Parenthood acts like Dr. Mengele when it comes to innocent babies.

Hillary Rodham has finally hit bottom, though considering her noxious past, it is difficult to imagine her going downhill any farther. Suffice to say, this is a deeply troubled woman and a frankly not very bright one either. After all, how many times has her integrity been questioned?

She has never exhibited original thinking and naïvely believes that government is a panacea to all, with her and her cronies at the top, of course. She may have the most rose colored glasses in this regard since — Barack Obama.

Hillarycare failed because it was a Rube Goldberg bureaucracy. To the collectivist eye, the organizational chart for Hillarycare got them all hot and bothered, but to the sane, it was a bureaucratic disaster designed not to solve but to gain control.

Now Mrs. Clinton equated Republicans who opposed the heinous and evil practices of Planned Parenthood performed on unborn babies to “terrorists.” Really.

Funny, but I thought playing with baby parts as if they were a croquet set was more akin to terrorism, and not valiant attempts to save human lives.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is an angry and vengeful woman and the country does not need another president acting on their hatred. Didn’t Obama just compare Republicans to the Mullahs of Iran?

Lord knows Donald Trump has caught a lot of grief for impolitic remarks, but calling someone a terrorist is about the worst thing that could be said about another American.

It is despicable and certainly unpresidential. She politicizies everything, showing not compassion for anyone or anything she deems standing in her path to power. Any person who craves the power of the presidency too much is by definition unqualified to be president.

Men and women should approach the power of the presidency with awe and reverence and reserve, and not like a junkie.

Barack Obama said the presidency was great because it allowed him to do anything. How childish. FDR, more reverentially, said the power of the presidency was derived from the American people.

Many of us knew this day would come.

The real Hillary would and has emerged and it is not pretty nor is it presidential. It is gruesome, mean, cruel and yes, shows hers inferior character. Imagine just for one moment Hillary with power — especially the power of the Oval Office.

Would there be anything beyond her ken?

More than once in her past, she’s tried to censor Rush Limbaugh and all of talk radio.

One can easily imagine her siccing the IRS on all Republicans, all conservatives. One can easily imagine her abusing power and loving every second of it. She is Richard Nixon incarnate, only meaner and more vengeful. Of course, she could keep the IRS busy just harassing Bill’s many lovers.

It is unclear that she was always such. She may have once been a decent person, hard as that is for some to believe. Perhaps. Perhaps she turned bad, a victim of spousal abuse, at the hands of her forever philandering husband. Bill Clinton has had more easy women than Ashley Madison.

A recent poll played a word association game with Hillary and the American people. Did ethical come up? No. Did nurturing? No. Kindness, forbearance, charity, integrity? No, no, no, and no. But words such as liar, criminal, dishonest, and untrustworthy were most recently cited by the citizenry when Hillary’s name was mentioned.

The American people are wise, wiser than the elites give them credit for. Shakespeare said the eyes were windows to the soul. In Hillary’s eyes there is nothing but contempt and hatred.

James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton wrote in the Federalist Papers often that the only two qualifications for the presidency were experience and character.

By virtue of her poor character, Hillary Rodham Clinton is unqualified to be president.



Zogby, Shirley: Clinton as Nominee Not a Sure Thing

By Bill Hoffmann   |   Monday, 26 Oct 2015 04:54 PM

Does Hillary Clinton’s well-reviewed appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi make her quest for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination a sure thing?

Absolutely not, veteran pollster John Zogby, CEO of Zogby Analytics, and Craig Shirley, a presidential historian and principal at Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, said Monday on “Newsmax Prime” with J.D. Hayworth.

“No. No, no, no. She’s had a very good 10 days, there’s no question about it, and she’s soared in those 10 days — [but] this is far from over,” Zogby said.

“Democrats have this very powerful half a party of progressives. Let’s go back to [Sen. Eugene] McCarthy and [Sen. George] McGovern and [Sen.] Ted Kennedy and [Sen.] Gary Hart and so on down the road and they have a voice in [Sen.] Bernie Sanders.

“Bernie’s doing well in Iowa and he’s doing very well in New Hampshire. This is not a lock yet. Stay tuned.”

Shirley added that while Clinton can rest a bit easier, she’s not out of the woods.

“She gave herself a little breathing room, but I agree with John, that in non-incumbent years, the Democratic Party never nominates its front-runner,” Shirley said.

“Only once in 1984 did they nominate the front-runner, Walter Mondale, and he almost lost to Gary Hart … In fact, I’ll go so far to say is that Hillary will not be the nominee.”

Zogby is author of “First Globals: Understanding, Managing, & Unleashing the Potential of Our Millennial Generation,” written with Joan Snyder Kuhl and sold by Amazon Digital Services.

Shirley is the author of “Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan,” published by Thomas Nelson.