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How similar is Donald Trump’s candidacy to that of Ronald Reagan in 1980?

A brash, plain talking, controversial candidate, who thrives on Hollywood theatrics — considered a long-shot to become a U.S. President.

That description may sound fitting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but it’s been used for another candidate in the past.

Ronald Reagan was described in such terms in a run-up to the 1980 presidential election and some believe Trump embodies Reagan or is now at least channeling the 40th president.

Political analyst Johnathan Allen sees candidate Trump in candidate Reagan, writing in one op-ed that Trump is similar to Reagan “because he’s charismatic in communicating the case that he’s the one who will fight for voters and make America great again.”

Reagan, like Trump was criticized for being too divisive to lead the party and given not a snowball’s chance to win the nomination let alone the presidency

In the eyes of historian Craig Shirley, who has written three bestselling books about Ronald Reagan, ‘underdog’ is where comparisons between Reagan and Trump start and end.

“Donald Trump believes, he is much more Nixonian than he is Reganesque [sic]. He believes in the power of the state, the power of government,” Shirley said.

“Has he once mentioned eliminating, shrinking or reducing the size of a federal program?” Shirley questioned.

Speaking with Sinclair, Trump explained that ” a lot of other people” see Reagan in him.

Asked by Sinclair if he sees a bit of Ronald Reagan when looking in the mirror, Trump pointed to the comparisons of others.

“A lot of other people do because they seem to write about it a lot,” Trump said.

“I have great liking for him, I have great respect for him,” Trump said, describing how he feels Reagan was a terrific president “other than on trade.”

“He had a great way about him,” Trump continued, describing Reagan as a leader who “represented the country beautifully.”