“December 1941” Featured in Northern Virginia Magazine

Craig Shirley, who lives in Alexandria, provides a new perspective on World War II called “December 1941:  31 Days that Saved America and Changed the World,” published by Thomas Nelson.

During the first week of December 1941, America was still struggling with the remnants of the Great Depression, and war was not on its mind.  But everything changed on Dec. 7.  Shirley details that month’s impact on America, an impact still felt today, with powerful prose.

Shirley specifically mentions D.C.’s reaction to the Pearl Harbor attack and the immediate legal and political ramifications.  A local authority on a local matter should make this book essential for the region’s history enthusiasts.

Shirley himself is a true local presence.  He not only lives in Alexandria, he also serves as president and CEO of Shirley & Banister Public Affairs.  He has long been involved in the political scene, and he has already written two highly successful books on the Reagan campaigns of 1976 and 1980.

Also forthcoming from Shirley is a biography of Newt Gingrich, with full cooperation from Gingrich himself.  That book, entitled “Citizen Newt,” wends its way into stores in January 2012, and is also published by Thomas Nelson.  Both “December 1941″ and “Citizen Newt” retail for $24.99.

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