Statement from Reagan biographer and presidential historian Craig Shirley on the freeing of attempted presidential assassin John Hinckley

Craig Shirley today said, “District Judge Paul Friedman should be immediately investigated for releasing Murderer and attempted murderer John Hinckley. His actions are outrageous and could be actionable. Is he aiding and abetting a murderer?”

“Today millions of nonviolent offenders are serving life sentences for victimless crimes. John Hinckley is the murderer of Reagan press secretary Jim Brady as ruled by a Medical Examiner.  Hinkley attempted to murder the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and severely wounded Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy, and police officer Thomas Delahanty. Jim Brady was maimed in the attempted assassination and lived with debilitating pain and severe handicaps until his death in 2014.

If John Hinckley is sane enough to return home, that he is sane enough to serve the life sentence he deserves for the agony he inflicted on Jim Brady, his family, Ronald Reagan, the Reagan family, and everyone else affected by that day.

“Judge Paul Friedman, an odious and revolting Clinton appointee, deserves to be investigated and possibly brought up on charges for his shameful and potentially illegal handling  of Hinckley, who is guilty of capital crimes.”

“This ruling is so disgusting and dishonorable that there needs to be an immediate investigation into why District Judge Paul Friedman would even consider it. If he can’t provide good cause, he should be removed from his position and disbarment should be considered.”