A statement in response to the stories…

In other instances, “A Note on Sources” references Reagan’s Revolution but there are no quotation marks or other indications in the text of The Invisible Bridge to set my original expression apart from Mr. Perlstein’s. For example, in Reagan’s Revolution I wrote, “About the only person in Kansas City who was keeping his cool was Reagan himself….watching on television, dissolved in laughter.” In The Invisible Bridge, Mr. Perlstein wrote “Just about the only person who was calm through the entire thing was Ronald Reagan. He watched it on television in his hotel suite, dissolving in laughter.”

The afore examples are just two of the many instances in which Mr. Perlstein uses my material, quoting directly, but without proper citations.

The freedom of expression and the protection of private property rights are two of our nation’s cornerstones. A person who believes he or she can take another’s ideas and pass them off as his or her own, without attribution or compensation, strikes a hard blow at those cornerstones.  It took me two years to research and write Reagan’s Revolution. I conducted 104 interviews, reviewed dozens of books and thousands of articles, and was granted exclusive access to original source material archived at the Reagan Library. A team of researchers and I poured over rolls of microfiche, memos and various news accounts and other information at the Library of Congress, the Carter and Ford libraries and other institutions.  While the facts are not my property or the property of any other person, my original expression of those facts in Reagan’s Revolution is protected intellectual property.



Craig Shirley

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