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O’Reilly Attempts to Duck Criticism from Reagan Experts

So far, I’ve written four books on Ronald Reagan, written dozens of articles, given dozens of lectures, am a Trustee of Eureka College, taught a course there entitled Reagan 101, and have lectured at the Reagan Library and the Reagan Ranch. My co-authors Kengor, Skinner and Hayward are equally knowledgeable about our 40th president.

Thus, it is fair to say we probably know a little bit more about Ronald Reagan than Bill O’Reilly. We certainly know the facts of Ronald Reagan.

Peter Hannaford passed away at 82

Peter Hannaford was a lifetime Reaganite and was one of Ronald Reagan’s favorite speechwriters, along with Ken Khachigian. He was a writer, an author, a Navy vet, a loving husband to Irene for many years and a devoted father and Christian. He was a good and great friend, with a marvelous sense of humor and unshakable principles.

Peter will be missed. Godspeed Peter Hannaford.

Supreme Court as an Afterthought

On this day of remarkable human history, it is important the remember that the Framers only added the Supreme Court as an afterthought.

Even then, Benjamin Franklin was deeply concerned about granting too much power to nine specious individuals beyond the reach of the citizenry.

Jeb Bush is wrong

Jeb and 41

Bush 41 broke his pledge and raised taxes rather than letting Gramm-Rudman automatically cut federal spending. Faced with a choice between smaller govt and larger govt, Bush 41 chose the latter.

Jeb Bush is wrong. There will no downward path in the deficit when his father was president. All he succeeded in doing was driving America into a recession with his huge tax increase.

If Bush 41 won 1992 reelection, we never would have had the Gingrich revolution of 1994 and conservatism is better off for Bush losing in 92 and Gingrich winning in 94.