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Responding to Dan Senor’s Claims Marco Rubio Embodies Ronald Reagan the Most

The 2016 race is anything but routine, but one thing that all the campaigns share is their claims to be just like Ronald Reagan. But what traits do the candidates actually share with the Gipper? Reagan Biographer & Presidential Historian Craig Shirley weighs in:

“I see parts of Reagan in most of the 2016 candidates, said Reagan Biographer & Presidential Historian Craig Shirley. “Rand Paul‘s intellectual libertarianism, Ted Cruz‘s principles, Chris Christie’s straightforward style.”

Last Act Wins the USA Best Book Award

USA Best Book AwardsC

Craig Shirley’s compelling account Of Reagan’s final years Wins for “Best Narrative: Non Fiction”

New York, NY – Acclaimed historian and Reagan biographer Craig Shirley’s latest work, Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan, has been awarded the prestigious USA Best Book Award for “Best Narrative: Non Fiction,” for 2015. The USA Book Award honors excellence in writing in a wide array of subjects. The full announcement can be found here.

“Like with all my books, I’ve labored hard and long to get the story right, to get the facts right and so I am deeply gratified and honored that USA book news chose to recognize Last Act with this award,” said Craig Shirley.  “Of course, none of this would be possible without the steady and longtime superb assistance of Borko Komnenovic, my longtime research assistant and my friend.”

This groundbreaking work, forged through years of meticulous research and interviews with Reagan’s top advisers reveals the facts of Reagan’s active final years and unprecedented national response to his passing in 2004.

  • The surprising facts about Reagan’s battle with Alzheimer’s and the truth about when and how his diagnosis was discovered and the irrefutable proof that he was not afflicted while in office.
  • Following Reagan’s death, media outlets and opinion leaders wasted no time in viciously savaging Reagan, his legacy, and those who followed him. Even as the country turned out in huge numbers to pay their respects, the vicious and persona

Statement on the feud between Bill O’Reilly and George Will over the historical accuracy of O’Reilly’s Book “Killing Reagan,”

Bill O’Reilly has been revealed to be a very poor historian, which to say he is no historian at all. It’s like writing that John Hancock led the American Revolution instead of George Washington. He is that sloppy. He also has been revealed to be nothing more than a school yard bully with an extremely thin skin.

George F. Will has trumped him on facts, on style and on substance. Many historians and those who knew Reagan have revealed his very poor scholarship

George F. Will to appear on “The O’Reilly Factor” to discuss the false charges O’Reilly made about Reagan

Tonight, on FOX News, world renowned and conservative columnist George Will appears on Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor program to refute the false charges O’Reilly has made about President Reagan in his new book, “Killing Reagan.”  George already debunked the outright fabrications and errors made in “Killing Reagan” in his Washington Post column this morning. But, being the pro he is, George also felt it was important to appear on The O’Reilly Factor to rebut the author directly on TV.

George is not alone.  Numerous former aides, historians and columnists have spoken out against “Killing Reagan” because of its slanderous tone and approach toward our 40th President.  But we need your help now.  Please watch The O’Reilly Factor tonight and use Facebook and Twitter or any other means you might choose to comment afterwards.  Now is the time for all good Reaganites to come to the aid of his legacy.


Mari Will, former Director of Communications and Speechwriter, Reagan White House

Craig Shirley, expert Reagan historian and author of three key books on President Reagan

John Heubusch, Executive Director, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

Former President George H.W. Bush says Nancy Reagan “does not like Barbara” in biography

The relationship between the Bushes and the Reagans was complicated to say the least.

Bush had run a personal and often negative campaign against Reagan in 1980 and while President Reagan was more forgiving, Mrs. Reagan had a long memory. Barbara Bush also was chary of the Reagans and Reagan’s brand of conservatism.

There were pretty sizable cultural and ideological differences.

The Bushes were never invited to the private residence of the Reagan White House for all eight years, even as others were.

Still, both Reagans wanted former president Bush to speak at the funeral, as Bush came through like a champ.