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U.S. ELECTION WRAP: Reagan Expert Sees GOP Ruin and Rebuild

By Kim Chipman and Gregory Giroux

The message sent by the rising number of Republicans who say they won’t attend or won’t speak at the party’s national convention is clear: “It’s a vote of no confidence in Donald Trump,” according to Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley.

  • “The Republican Party is in the process of destroying itself — that’s the bad news,” Shirley says in an interview. “The good news is the Republican Party has destroyed itself before and rebuilt”
  • While Shirley, who’s authored three books on Reagan, is among those not planning to attend next month’s convention in Cleveland, he’s not suggesting other Republicans follow suit
    • “Party loyalty does count for something,” he says, noting that the two most prominent Republicans who stuck by Barry Goldwater in 1964 went on to become presidents: Richard Nixon and Reagan
    • “If you want a future in Republican Party politics you want to go,” he says. “You can be loyal to your party without being loyal to your candidate”
  • Trump or no Trump, he adds, today’s conventions just aren’t as fun or dynamic as they once were
    • “Consultants have ruined the spontaneity and importance of political conventions,” he says, calling the gatherings “infomercials”
  • Former GOP presidential contenders Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Gov. John Kasich both tell New York Times they haven’t sought a speaking slot at the convention; Trump said last week that he won’t invite his two former rivals to give speeches unless they endorse him, which neither has done
  • Politico yesterday reported that few of more than 50 prominent Republicans they spoke to said they plan to go to Cleveland

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