Trump urged against ‘pandering’ with female VP pick || Washington Examiner

Trump urged against ‘pandering’ with female VP pick


Top Republicans are urging Donald Trump not to pick a woman running mate just for the sake of trying to win the female vote.

“We should definitely not choose a woman simply because she is a woman,” said longtime conservative adviser Bay Buchanan.

“The Democrats will have a woman on top of the ticket. Those who would vote for a ticket simply to advance a woman will clearly vote for Hillary Clinton. However, if there is a qualified person who adds significantly to the ticket, they should be seriously considered. If that be a woman all the better,” she said with a nod to Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, who said last week that she did not want to be considered for vice president.

Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, whose next book is about Newt Gingrich, said that “pander politics really turns off a lot of Republicans.”

Shirley said Republicans try not to play gender politics. “It goes to the very essence of being a Republican instead of a Democrat. Being a Democrat is about identity politics and group consciousness, and being a Republican, at least ideally, is about ideas and intellectualism and individuality, not based on who you are but based on what you are.”

Clinton insiders said she is unlikely to pick a woman partly because it would interfere with her historic role as the first female presidential candidate and maybe president.