Craig Shirley: Trump’s Anti-Hillary Speech Was ‘On Message’ ||Newsmax

Craig Shirley: Trump’s Anti-Hillary Speech Was ‘On Message’
By Jason Devaney   |   Wednesday, 22 Jun 2016 06:57 PM

Presidential historian and New York Times bestselling author Craig Shirley told Newsmax TV Wednesday night Donald Trump’s speech slamming Hillary Clinton was “on message,” adding that the campaign is likely listening more to national party leaders.
Shirley, whose new book is, “Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan,” talked with host Ed Berliner on “The Hard Line.”

“It was a good speech. He was on message. It was a good counterpunch to Hillary’s speech yesterday,” Shirley said. “He leveled some serious charges against her. They were substantiated by facts and figures.
“There was a knockdown drag-out fight after what’s-his-name [campaign manager Corey Lewandowski] left and they said, ‘Look you’re going to do it our way or we’re all going to walk.’ So he said ‘OK. I’ll do it your way.’ And they said ‘You’re going to give this speech. You’re going to use teleprompters. We’re going to eventually take away your tweeting power and you’re going to run a disciplined campaign and get back in this race.'”

Trump’s speech, during which he spent 40 minutes criticizing Clinton, was also praised by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh Wednesday.