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Acclaimed Reagan biographer to dig into Gipper’s post-White House years

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By PAUL BEDARD 8/7/15 1:54 PM

Craig Shirley, the acclaimed biographer of former President Ronald Reagan, has a new project: detailing the post-presidency and legacy of the Gipper.

In “Last Act,” Shirley promises to dish anecdotes and historical stories never before heard.

“No Twentieth Century president shaped the American political landscape so profoundly, and Craig Shirley’s Last Act will tell the important final chapter in the life of Reagan, widening our understanding of American history and of the presidency and one of the most singular men to occupy the office,” Joel Miller of Thomas Nelson Publishers said this week in announcing the project.

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“As with Shirley’s previous books, Last Act will delve deeply into the social history of the time and will closely examine Reagan’s achievements and the reasons why he became such an iconic figure of American history. We are witnessing almost every day that Reagan’s legacy, his views, and his philosophy have become so crucial in political sphere that they may very well mean the difference between winning or losing elections,” Miller said.